Bull’s Eye: Pemberton

In just over a week the TFG crew will be gathering in Pemberton for a new-fashioned barn raising.  The 300 major pieces of wood will start S4S (surfaced 4 sides) out of the Fraserwood Industries shop in Squamish so that our Mill Rule Layout method is fast and accurate.  Power saws of various colours and national origin will buzz through the wood on sharp pencil and razor lines.  A really big hydraulic crane will lift up the many thousand pound assemblies of joined timber bents.

None of that detracts from the spirit and camaraderie of crafting a frame well and learning from peers.  People of the village get to share in the experience either on the daily crew, hosting a timber framer from afar, or playing music at the closing celebration.  A great advantage to raising a barn in 2014 is that others around the world will be able to follow the action via picture and description – almost in real time.

It was very warm in Pemberton this week and the farmers are loving it–a busy time for them.  As we work over the two middle weeks of May the daily temperature should climb to about 20 degC, and then it will slide to lows of 6 overnight.  An evening campfire will add to the spiritual nature of the gathering and make folks reflective of what is happening in this active cozy community in the mountains.  Pemberton weather is more Interior BC than coastal so we are expecting a mostly dry event – two days of rain is the statistical bet.

Some crew leave from the East Coast this weekend in order to be standing tall May 11 on site.  HI know they will appreciate moving around the freedom of the site rather than sitting behind the wheel.  I’ve asked that they report in when they can and send pictures – I’ll try to share some of those here over the next week.

Status report from site (and office):

– Foundation is in and being graded this weekend

– Timbers to be delivered on May 8 – 9

– Village volunteers are busy staining high purlins and roof sheathing so they don’t have to after install

– TFG crew are fixing up tools, sorting what to bring / leave, and finishing up regular projects to leave for 2 weeks

– Lead team is finalizing cutting & raising plans, and fighting over evening seminar topics

– We hope the people of Pemberton are resting

Because soon the energies of many will meet to raise a modern barn with them.


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